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Cancer Centre Quiet Room improved thanks to UHMM Charity Funding

The experience of cancer patients at UHNM has been improved thanks to UHNM Charity funding.

Ward 202 at Royal Stoke’s Cancer Centre have been able to refurbish their quiet room thanks to a grant made possible by our supporters.

The room is used by staff on the ward for haematology and oncology patients receiving a diagnosis.

Paul Combes, Ward Manager said: “The improvements to our quiet room, made possible thanks to the support of UHNM Charity, will benefit our patients during their most difficult times.”

“Prior to its refurbishment, the furniture and décor in our quiet room was looking dated and plain. This room needed to be as homely, comforting and caring as possible to provide patients with a dedicated space away from the clinical setting of the ward.”

“Thanks to UHNM Charity we’ve been able to refresh the walls with new paint and decorations, as well as replace the furniture to create a space that improves the experience of our patients.”

Steve Rushton, Head of UHNM Charity said: “Previously the room was not meeting the needs of our patients during what can be a difficult time for them. Using funds from our amazing supporters, we hope this newly refurbished quiet room will serve as a private, quiet space for our staff to talk with patients.”

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