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Amy to run birthday 10k for UHNM Charity

To mark her 19th birthday this year, the inspirational Amy Sumner will be running 10K to thank the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust staff who cared for her Dad following a serious car accident.

Amy, who’s from Holywell in Wales said: “On 30 November, my Dad was involved in a car accident where he sustained many injuries and fractures, the main one being his knee. He was transported to Royal Stoke University Hospital. The next day he was taken into surgery for a pelvic stabilising external fixation operation."

"After the surgery, he was then put into a coma for a total of four weeks. During his time in the coma, he had three systems effected- his kidneys, respiratory system and digestive system, and was on and off dialysis throughout the four weeks and other machines which were required."

"After the four weeks, he was moved to the Acute Rehabilitation and Trauma Unit (ARTU), and received multiple surgeries on his knee- the main one being a fusion of the knee joint as he is now without a knee."

"Thanks to the doctors and nurses at UHNM, including the team on ARTU and A&E the night of the accident, my Dad is now home and recovering. He’s due to go back to UHNM for a check-up in the following weeks, as well as a future hip replacement due to a broken hip socket."

"I also want to thank the staff at UHNM for not only how they were with my Dad, but how kind and brilliant they have been with my family in what has been the toughest few months of our lives."

"I would also like to say that the rest of my family and I am extremely proud of how strong and amazing my Dad has been throughout this tough experience. He has had a fighting attitude all the way through, and we could not be any prouder."

"I am very excited to run my 10k for UHNM Charity, as it is for the best cause, and I have recently started to love running in general, and I am always up for a challenge!"

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