'Twiddlemuffs' arrive at Royal Stoke!

IMG 1333

We are very lucky to have a group of amazing knitters who regularly supply our neonatal unit with beautiful clothes for our tiny patients. But we have recently discovered a new item which is especially for our older patients instead.

Twiddlemuffs are knitted muffs which help calm older people who suffer restless hands due to dementia. The muffs not only keep cold hands warm but have various things attached to them which the owner can ‘twiddle’, things like ribbon, zips and buttons.

We’ve just received our first batch and now we’re looking for knitters, wool and ‘twiddles’ so that we can create lots more muffs for our Elderly Care wards at Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital.

If you are a knitter or have items to donate please contact Emma Robertson on 01782 676444 or email emma.robertson@uhns.nhs.uk