Hospital fundraisers bring the sky inside


Kind hearted supporters of University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) Charity have helped improve the experience of both patients and staff by funding the installation of a number of luminous ‘sky ceilings’.

The six ceilings have been installed above the beds of patients in the Critical Care Unit at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

The ceilings, funded by an £80,000 grant from UHNM Charity, simulate moving day and night time sky scenes providing natural light for both patients and staff.

Sandra Barrington, matron for Critical Care at UHNM said: “The ceilings have been installed in an area of the unit that has no windows and therefore no access to natural light. There’s a strong evidence to support access to daylight and day and night cycle reduces instances of delirium, stress and anxiety which is commonly seen in intensive treatment patients.”

“We’re hopeful this installation will help to reduce the length of stay of our patients by improving their wellbeing and help them with their rehabilitation and recovery.”

As well as natural skies, the ceilings can also feature other scenes including waving tree branches and fish tanks.

Tracy Bullock, UHNM Chief Executive said: “These sky ceilings are hugely beneficial to the patients and staff of our Critical Care Unit. It has been fantastic to not only see them in action, but speak to patients about their benefit. The UHNM Charity has been blown away by the enormous generosity of local fundraisers and donors in supporting this project.”

If you would like to fundraise for UHNM Charity visit for more information, or call 01782 676444 to speak to one of the UHNM Charity team.