New chairs improve patient comfort

Childrens MDC Chair1

The generosity of UHNM Charity supporters is improving patient comfort at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Three Charity-funded Buddy Day Bed Chairs have been delivered to the Children’s Medical Day Care Unit.

The chairs will be used by infusion therapy patients being treated for a range of illnesses including inflammatory bowel disease and nutrition and respiratory problems.    

Helen Yorke, Staff Nurse on the Children’s Medical Day Care Unit said, “We’re very grateful for the support of UHNM Charity, which has helped improve patient comfort and experience on the Unit. Beforehand, patients were using smaller, less comfortable plastic chairs for hours at a time during their treatment. These new chairs give patients more space, and can even recline fully into a bed if wanted.”

Patient Abi Cartwright from Stafford has been attending the Unit every two months since October 2016 for inflammatory bowel disease.

She said, “They’re really nice. The chairs are comfier, have more space, armrests, and I like how you can recline them.”  

If you would like to fundraise for UHNM Charity visit for more information, or call 01782 676444 to speak to one of the UHNM Chaity team.

(Photo: Staff Nurse Helen Yorke with patient Abi Cartwright)