A mountain of a challenge for UHNM Charity

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A man has climbed Mount Snowdon five times in one day in honour of his brother.A man has climbed Mount Snowdon five times in one day in honour of his brother.

Paul O’Day performed the feat in Wales on Saturday 11 August 2018 for his brother Tom, who had an accident five years ago that resulted in serious injuries.

Paul said: “Each summit began very well, my brother did the first summit with me setting off at midnight, which considering five years ago he was lying in a hospital bed is amazing. The other summits became wetter and windier and the views disappeared but all worthwhile to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

“You may be asking yourself why I decided to climb Snowdon five times? Well, the number five signifies an anniversary in our family. Five years ago, in August 2013 my brother Tom had an accident that resulted in him needing two emergency brain surgeries, having a stroke and being in a coma for seven weeks. So just like when I got the phone call telling me Tom had had an accident, you're probably thinking, car accident? Motorbike accident? Well it was neither of these.”

Five years ago Paul’s brother Tom tripped on a night out waiting for his taxi home and hit his head on a kerb. His brother did not lose consciousness or seemed too affected by the fall. However, one of his friends decided to call an ambulance to make sure he was ok. At the hospital Tom’s condition deteriorated and a bleed on the brain was discovered.

Tom was airlifted to the Royal Stoke University Hospital, where he underwent a 10 hour emergency brain surgery, another six hour emergency surgery on his brain and he also suffered a stroke mid-operation.

Paul continued: “For seven weeks Tom lay in an induced coma recovering from his surgeries. It has taken over a year for Tom to fully recover from his surgeries and with no memory of the accident he had that night. One trip was all it took. One trip! There is no doubt in my mind that without his friend, without the air ambulance, and without the amazing surgeons at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Tom would not be here with us today.”

Paul is raising money for UHNM Charity and Wales Air Ambulance, if you would like to add your support please visit https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulODay