County Hospital Fundraising Appeal


County Hospital serves the community of Stafford and the surrounding areas including Rugeley, Eccleshall and Stone; as well as those people who live further afield and choose County Hospital as the place to have their elective and outpatient treatments.  It touches the lives of everyone be it a child, mother, father, grand parent or friend – no matter their age, or condition. Our fundraising appeal was launched in August 2017 to make County Hospital the best that it can be for our patients.appeal website

Appeal target:   £600,000
     Raised to date:        £485,000
         Left to raise:        £115,000

The final stage is for two very important elements that will make a real difference to our patients and their families:
- Supporting cancer patients
Cancer patients, and those with blood disorders, can spend several hours in hospital, every few weeks, receiving treatments like chemotherapy. This can involve them sitting in a chair for up to seven hours with little to entertain or distract them. Our appeal will fund a large courtyard garden – a sanctuary away from the clinical environment during their treatment; it will be a calming, soothing place where they can relax. We will also work with an artist to create art work for the clinical unit that will distract patients during treatment.
See the space we have to convert and hear from Kerry Pearson the Chemotherapy Unit Manager, why this is so important: here.
Take a look at our plans: here 
See the space we have to convert and hear from Kerry Pearson the Chemotherapy Unit Manager, why this is so important: here

- Supporting families when they most need us
Imagine being in hospital when a loved one has had an accident, or is seriously poorly; you are distressed and having to wait in a noisy and busy place to hear how they are.  Our appeal will fund a quiet place, where families can wait together for news, or if needed where they can spend as much time as needed with a loved one who has died – close to the doctors and nurses who can support them.
Take a look at our plans: here

Your donations have already had  real impact on our patients we have spent £400,000 already.
- Our most vulnerable patients
Our first £80,000 helped our most vulnerable patients, such as those with dementia. For these patients, the unfamiliar environment of a hospital can be frightening and make them anxious; it can lead to a decline in mental well-being. Our appeal created safe and comforting environments on our wards, places where they can relax and take part in interesting and stimulating activities.
- Equitable care
£25,000 has updated two treatment rooms in our award winning orthodontics and maxillofacial department. This has ensured all clinical rooms are of the same standard and  meant that patients receive their care quicker.
- Reducing patient anxiety
More than £300,000 has helped to redevelop the Out Patients Department. By using light, space, colour, soft furnishings and art work we have made the environment more comfortable and easier for patients to find their way around. These improvements will support more than 125,000 local people, who attend the department each year. This project will be complete at the end May 2018.


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