Getting started

Thank you for choosing to support UHNM Charity, we want to help maximise your fundraising so please don’t hesitate to call us for help and advice!

There are endless ways in which you can fundraise from sponsored walks and runs to holding fun days, you could do a raffle, shave your head or do a cake sale! Bear in mind that fundraising can be time consuming and hard work so if it’s your first time why not try something quick and simple to develop your skills? If you’re stuck you can get inspiration from our supporters by watching our Make a Difference Minute films or give the team a call to talk through your ideas.

When you’ve settled on what you’re doing we’ll need to authorise you to raise funds in aid of UHNM Charity. This can easily be done over the phone, by email or by completing the online form.

Once you’re authorised we can support you to promote your event. We can provide t-shirts, sponsor forms and collection cans that you can use to raise funds. We will also advertise your fundraising through our social media channels and on our website and work with local media to get them involved too.

Online fundraising

As well as having sponsor forms why not generate even more funds by having an online account with Virgin Money Giving. UHNM Charity is registered the site and its quick and easy to set up. We’ll get an email letting us know when you set up your page so then we’ll promote it on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any problems setting this up please give us a call and we’ll guide you through it.

Keeping it safe and legal

Click here to learn more about keeping it safe and legal, before you start making plans for your fundraising.